4th Grade Final – Charlie Evans As Coach -

4th Grade Final – Charlie Evans As Coach

Norths 4th grade play Warringah in the qualifying final at 10.40 am on Saturday at Pittwater Rugby Park and are calling our for Norths supporters to tunnel the boys on.

“They re a tough team. It is going to be an exciting competition and a great game and we need Norths supporters to come and cheer us on.

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Charlie Evans, is 4th grade backs coach and is supported by with Will Callanan and Justin Trollip as forwards coaches.

“We are in a good position. In 2016 we were minor premiers and are now 2nd on the table.

“The foundations were laid in 2014 when we entered into a rebuilding phase. It is now nice to see the dividends being paid back.

“We are very lucky to have a core player group, that has stuck together and solidified.

“I believe you play or best rugby when you have been through your worst times.

“We have built character around what has happened this year. It makes coaching easier when you have a strong group who are all friends of friends and opted to come to Norths because of its culture – a winning Club environment.

“I have to say that the depth is testament to our success” says Charlie.

Charlie, hung up his boots in 2013 after an ACL injury and moved to coaching the following year. He is in a sales role for American Express Corporate, and is a great example of a successful move from player to coach.

“We would love Norths supporters to get to Pittwater Rugby Park a good 5 minutes early (10.40) to tunnel on the team.

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