The Weekly Round Up -

The Weekly Round Up

The Weekly Round Up

By Club Captain, Tommy Evans

After a relaxing weekend away in the Southern Highlands, the boys were well rejuvenated and ready for a physical day of rugby against West Harbour. In 2017 the Pirates improved significantly across all grades and we knew that we were in for a real contest in every match.



There’s nothing particularly funny about losing to West Harbour, however, there were three good things to come from it.

  1. After a ‘call to arms’ went out during the week as we hit peak injury crisis, many players, young and old, heeded the call. It was great to see some familiar faces back in the red and black, including Will Finley, Jack Bowditch, James Stokes and Tom Olds.
  2. A Japanese bloke whose name literally translates to ‘victory’ scored some meat with his first touch of the ball. Even though it was off the back of a rolling maul… and even though he was in the wrong place and shouldn’t have had the ball in his hands.
  3. Jack Burey (General manager/women’s 7s coach/occasional referee) added a new string to his bow with ‘replacement crash ball enthusiast’. It’s been great how passionate he’s been with the women’s 7s, however, I thought it was a bit much to wear a pair of their playing shorts as well.

Norths 10 (Tries: #15 Ryley McKay, #19 Victory), West Harbour 14



To put it into perspective, I believe there were 43 injured or unavailable grade players on the weekend. 3s and 4s took the greatest hit of this crisis, however, the new look ‘Br

otherhood Third Grade’ team took it in their stride with a big 60-0 win. I think the extra hour of sleep really helped Joe Jenkins’ form as he nailed his conversions from all parts of the field.

Matt White was unstoppable, and in a bizarre tactic, West Harbour kept kicking to him off each kick-off. He would pluck it out of the air with ease (including a 3cm jump off the ground) before running over the first two defenders in his path. He was enjoying it the first couple of times, however as the tries started packing on and the Pirates kept sending it his way, you could audibly hear him yell “stop kicking it to me!” as he caught it.

The club also welcomes Bill Freeman who has seen the light and swapped green and yellow for red and black. He was safe as houses at the back and made life a lot easier for the overweight five-eighth.

Norths 60 (Tries: #1 Dylan Santone 9; Goals: #1 Dylan Santone 7), West Harbour 0



Another team with a new-look feel to it, they were ready to bounce back from their first loss of the season. Josh Smith took the driver’s seat left vacant by Jack Clancy and had a reasonable game at 10. There was a strange incident, however, in which he blamed “communication problems”. With momentum behind them and plenty of go-forward, Smith punted the ball directly into the back of Dan Hiep’s head creating a falcon for the ages.

Norths 51 (Tries: #5 George Murrin, #8 George Miller, #10 Josh Smith, #9 Josh Noonan 2, #2 Duate Diniz, #14 Harry Cudmore 2, #22 Mitch Ma

grath; Goals: #15 Connor Winchester 3), West Harbour 19



This game was a physical ol’ affair, with some massive units running around for the Pirates. With the game on the wire, West Harbour did well to control possession and pushed us into a rather unfamiliar position for season 2018. With the final whistle signalling game over with the scores at 20-all, there was an eerie feeling around the ground. I wouldn’t want to be wearing myrtle green this weekend.

Noths 20 (Tries: #7 Gary Bautz, #14 Richie Woolf 2; Goals: #10 Angus Sinclair, #15 Sam Giltrap), West Harbour 20



The colties enjoyed a fairly comfortable day out at Concord oval. 3s colts got called off on Friday due to a West Harbour forfeit which was disappointing. There was an attempt to get a game organised against Joeys 1st XV which would have been fantastic, however it was hard to get over the line at the final hour. Both 1s and 2s had convincing wins, getting up 69-5 and 77-0 respectively.



3rd grade. Love a clean scoresheet and always will.



Matt White, 3rd grade. The big fella had a blinder but still made sure he was there from 9:30 to watch his beloved Brotherhood from the warm-up onwards.


While disappointing we didn’t get that clean sweep we were after, we roll on this week to the Wicks out at Coogee Oval and Latham Park. It’s a Super Saturday which is exciting because it means grade and colts are all in it together. I encourage all supporters to get out and cheer the boys home!


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