Bon Andrews Announcement -

Bon Andrews Announcement

Introducing Mark ‘Robbo’ Robson


With the annual Bon Andrews Lunch fast approaching, Mark ‘Robbo’ Robson has been confirmed as the events first panellist for the 2018 edition.

Robson enjoys talking a good game as the head commentator for Sky Sports UK and is coming down under as part of the European coverage of the Wallabies v Ireland Test Series in June.

Mark has been involved in sports broadcast for 30 years and fell into the profession as a child when his parents couldn’t stop him doing impressions of various rugby commentators including Bill McClaren who was known as the ‘Voice of Rugby’.

As a rugby player and fan from a young age, Robson is an avid supporter of the Irish Pro14 team Ulster and can often be found at Raven Hill (now known as Kingspan Stadium) any chance he gets. “Every commentator is a frustrated sports fan who wants to be the people they are talking about”

Having covered such rugby matches as the 1999 France v Australia World Cup Final, the 2007 South Africa v England World Cup Final, Three Football World Cups, and even the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Mark comes to the Bon Andrews Lunch panel with a world of sports knowledge and a comprehensive insight into the Irish rugby landscape and currently ranked 2nd team in World Rugby.


Fun Fact: Whilst reporting for BBC on a match involving his team (CIYMS) against Ballymena. Mark managed to play the first half before swapping his jersey for a shirt and tie to deliver the halftime report and re-taking the field in the second half.


To be announced next week, joining Mark on the panel is a former Wallaby great and a member of the famous 1999 World Cup winning Wallabies.


Secure your seat at the 2018 Bon Andrews Lunch: 


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