Celebrating Patrick Nakkan's 100 Game Milestone -

Celebrating Patrick Nakkan’s 100 Game Milestone

Patrick Nakkan: “A long time coming…”

When Patrick Nakkan runs out this weekend, he will join the “Brotherhood” Club of 100 games for Norths Grade.

Patrick’s journey to game 100 has been one filled with hard work, commitment and a never say die attitude.

We recently caught up with Patrick and discussed his connection with Norths.

“I was lucky enough to strap on the boots for Norths when I was 13 playing for Norths Pirates and then played my first ever game with the big dogs in 2008 in 1st Colts,” Patrick said.

“However, that year there was a lack of numbers in 2008 due to controversial coaching strategies and the majority of the Colts playing group from 2008 would play 3rd Colts through to 1st Colts, clocking up over 180 minutes of Rugby a weekend.”

The journey to game 100 for Patrick most definitely included some memorable moments to say the least and the dynamic winger touched on the moments which shaped his playing career.

“Winning the 4th grade premiership in 2012 and getting sprayed with beer by Al Hall and the 3rd graders after I scored with about 10 minutes to go was definitely a highlight,” Patrick said.

“The 2010 Rugby tour to The United States of America, which led to one of my nicknames, but it was such a great experience to play against what America had to offer with Ash Hall and Tom Lee (The Ibis) being best on tour.

“2016 rugby tour to Japan, which feels like a lifetime ago, was such a good time.

“Was great to see the younger generation step up and keep up with the older generation, specifically William (The Shark) Finley, Alex (Meme) Ironside, Jack (The Kid) Clancy and Nic (Knock Out Champ) Clancy.

“And how could I forget watching 1st Grade win the Shute Shield in 2016.

“Sam Carson, who remains the best person I’ve ever met at Norths and to this day, I always run out with him on my sleeve.”

Patrick acknowledged that it has been a long time coming and he wouldn’t be lining up for game 100 without his teammates over the past 10 years.

“As most of the boys know, it’s been a long time coming for me to get to Club 100,” Patrick said.

“Words can’t describe how grateful I am to be inducted into the group as I’ve played with so many Norths legends in my 10 year career who have shaped me into the player and person I am today.

“There are so many….. I don’t want to leave anyone out, but I will call out a couple: Joe Jenkins (been playing together since we were 6 years old), Ash Hall, Tommy Evans, Dov, Night Game, Al Hall, Dom, Oc, Yobbo, Marshy, Benny Martin, Callo, Evans, Sparks, Wellsy, Myers, Spads, Oldsy, Wiv, Benny Ryan, Karl.

“Basically everyone from 4th grade and special mentions to Finley, Ironside, T-Gilbert, Clancy Brothers….the list could go on, but a massive shout out to Sammy Carson (Norths Legend).”

Patrick works as an Account Manager at an advertising firm called M&C Saatchi in their Sport & Entertainment team.

“The biggest perk about working in the sports team is that you always have Fox Sports on, so is it really work… you tell me,” Patrick said.

The celebration this weekend will definitely be one to remember or one which will be hard to remember as Patrick will be no doubt “cracking open a few cold ones with the boys”.

“In this exact order…… I’ll be putting the Red & Black Jersey on, running out for the boys and the club, playing some solid footy, beating the Rats, cracking a few cold ones on Bon Andrews Oval, accepting the club 100 cap, heading over to the stand or the hill and watch the higher grades over a few more cold ones, head to the Union with the boys for the free keg (thanks in advance Jack Burey) and then probably won’t remember anything past that point besides Nobby chewing my ear off on how I’m the 2nd best Nakkan to have every played at Norths (ask him about it… if you have a
spare 20 minutes),” Patrick said.

Reaching 100 games requires commitment and determination, but Patrick acknowledged the fact that pushing yourself to the limit will always be a challenge worth every cent.

“The biggest challenge for me was to push through the frustrations and to never give up,” Patrick admitted.

“I can recall the countless times I’ve told myself that I would hang the boots up, but when Rugby is a big part of your life and Norths as a club is the best of the best, it always makes you want to push your limits.”

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