Club Rugby The Winner -

Club Rugby The Winner

Official ratings show that more people watched the Intrust Super Shute Shield Grand Final than the AFL.

Club Rugby ignited the long history of tribal rivalry between Sydney geographic rugby playing communities with over 16,000 people packed into North Sydney Oval to watch Norths face off against Warringah.

Ratings confirm that the Norths and Warringah Grand Final reached 194,000 viewers on Channel 7, not including those watching on the app or overseas.

The AFL was held with the same time slot, but was viewed less than the Intrust Super Shute Shield Grand Final and we can all agree that Club Rugby was the clear winner, being watched in Asia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and the Pacific Islands.

Cameron Shepherd was blown away by the released ratings, admitting that the 2017 Grand Final was the best he had experienced in his lifetime of being a Rugby fan and ex-player.

“It’s just such a nice feeling to see the game getting the exposure it deserves and so it should as it’s an incredible product,” Cam said.

“The fact the viewers are tuning in every week and watching the games is fantastic but I have also been blown away by the the increase of people coming through the gates across the competition this year.

“The 2017 Grand Final was easily the best Final I have seen in my lifetime.”

Cam additionally noted that without the passionate fans to cheer on their respective clubs, it wouldn’t be the same.

“The GF had some incredible storylines playing out within the game, however I think the viewers love the connection that the Shute Shield teams have with their fans, which has definitely become one of the biggest draw cards,” Cam said.

“The fans love and adore their club and players, and the players would do anything for their fans and club to win games.

“It’s a special competition to be a part of.”

The 2017 Intrust Super Shute Shield Grand Final made the progression from 7TWO to 7’s primary channel which no doubt increased Club Rugby’s exposure, uplifting it to new heights.

The General Manager of Club Rugby TV, Hamish Birt, revealed that the increase in exposure is largely due to the strength of the product as shown through the ratings of this year in comparison to last year.

“The 2017 Grand Final was a major success on so many levels, especially from a television perspective and we knew the product would be incredibly well received on Channel 7,” Hamish said.

“The 2017 Grand Final reached almost 200K which was almost double last year’s Grand Final on 7TWO.

“Being on Channel 7 gives us a lot more exposure across New South Wales and the ACT, but to do so well with the AFL on during a similar time really showed the strength of Club Rugby as a television product.”

We also would kindly like to extend our thanks to all the fans, players, sponsors and volunteers who worked tirelessly in making 2017 another memorable year for Northern Suburbs Rugby.

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