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Solider On
Soldier On's mission is to achieve the best re-integrated generation of servicemen and servicewomen in Australia’s history.

Soldier On is an organisation that provides support to veterans and their family who have been impacted physically or psychologically by their service to our country. This includes serving and ex-serving members of the Australian Defence Forces, as well as peace keepers and other officers from the AFP, DFAT and other government organisations who have been deployed in combat zones overseas and have served since 1991.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) work hard to support our wounded. However gaps exist in the way these men and women connect with support services and in the way they re-integrate into the wider community.

Through our programs, Soldier On looks to:
  • Enhance: The recovery of Australia’s wounded by investing in rehabilitative equipment and programs;
  • Connect: Them with their families and broader communities through specific campaigns, events and programs;
  • Inspire: These men and women to seek help for their own struggles following service by sharing the stories of those we support;
  • Empower: Them to become productive and successful members of their community through education and employment.

Soldier On, founded in 2012, is establishing long-term, comprehensive support for Australians who have been affected by their service. This is achieved by supporting our wounded throughout their rehabilitative journey. This is predominantly achieved through our Reintegration and Recovery Network, a network of physical drop-in Centres that serve as a veteran’s one stop shop for support.

The Network now includes Centres in Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne with further facilities planned for Currumbin before the end of 2015. From these Centres, Soldier On will deliver services directly to wounded Australians and their families, or act as a conduit for service provided locally.
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