Elevate 360 - Helping Norths Get A Serious Lift With Digital Marketing -

Elevate 360 – Helping Norths Get A Serious Lift With Digital Marketing

This season Norths’ new sponsor Elevate 360, a Crows Nest based digital marketing agency, has been helping us with our website and community engagement.


Next week, we see the launch of a specialist Norths Connect website which aims to literally connect small businesses associated with Norths and their community and put them together.


Louis Blythe is Elevate’s Founder and CEO, however his connection with Norths started on the rugby field.


We caught up with Louis to talk about how his small company is helping Norths build the brand on a digital platform


Your connection with Norths and rugby started when?


After finishing studying at Barker College myself and some friends continued playing rugby with North’s colts.


We had the opportunity to play with some great players and against some fantastic schools and to say it was a passion was an understatement.


We want to keep playing and Norths rugby culture was a natural fit and playing style.



What’s your favourite North’s moment?


Scrummaging practice with Tony Horan at primrose oval on a cold Tuesday night. Clint Borle and Chris Hall are the only thing that kept me halfway sane but it made me who I am today. Hi Tony!


… and favourite rugby moment?


Beating the Australian Schoolboys team while playing for the NSW under 16’s NSW team.


Give us and outline on how you are working with Norths


Elevate has engaged with Norths to provide digital marketing expertise and website support. Our goal is to help grow the membership base and make the digital presence of the club as strong as it can be.


We loving being part of the Norths community and love giving back to the local businesses in the area. We love having a chat with all the different types of people that rally around the club as it keeps us across community activities and partnerships.


How do you fit into the North Sydney small business community?


We are based in Crows Nest so we are really big on providing support for the community and believe that Norths plays a crucial role in bring those positive team traits into community life as well.


This lead to the creation of Norths Connect and later the Connect website which is aimed at bring together the whole community in a single easily searchable directory.


Connecting with Norths Connect is important to you because?


Norths Connect provides a platform for referrals across multiple businesses and partnerships and has resulted in some solid business enquiry for Elevate. We have since tried to help champion this element a little more so that other businesses that are unaware of North’s Connect can join in and benefit as well.


How can other companies jump on board?


From next week, Norths Connect will be the easiest way to list your business and get immediate exposure from a trusted referral network of businesses and partners. The platform is growing quickly and has already captured 10 plus businesses that have signed up.


Norths and North Connect provide that natural word of mouth referral that is based on all being apart of something bigger which is the rugby community.


What’s great about North Sydney?


Great for the kids! We take our little ones down and let them run riot and then we can catch up with our friends while the kids are off having a ball of a time with the activities the club regularly puts on.


Go Norths.


Next week we will give you a step by step guide to get your business on NorthsConnect

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