Jack Clancy On His Pathway To Norths -

Jack Clancy On His Pathway To Norths










Last Friday Jack Clancy was back in familiar territory presenting the Under 11’s Norths representative team jerseys at North Sydney Oval.

“I’m a Tumut boy. I started playing rugby in Tumut and came to Sydney to board at Shore. I played for Mosman in the Under 13’s and 14’s, had a shoulder reconstruction for the 15’s and was back in the 16’s.

“We won 3 State Championships.

“The best was the Under 13’s because it was our first and against Gordon. Those rivalries existed then and are the same now.

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“Grassroots rugby defined my teenage years.

“I’d play for school on Saturday and, then 6 or more of my mates would play for Mosman Club on Sunday morning, have lunch and then go to rep training on Sunday afternoon.,

“It was sheer heaven.

“We were a quick side. I’m 5/8th and Harry Emery ½ back. We are at Norths today and it is still the same, quick ball.

“The calls we had were often the same at school, club and rep.

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“It made it easy and our best rugby was played as it all was an extension from school to club.

“As a country boy I made enormous connections with city families.

“I was the one asking for a lift and was taken in by all.

“The move to Colts was the same.

“I’m now in my 4th year of Construction Management at Uni and working 3 days a week for Ash Hall and his building company.

“I’m there with Jack Radford, Tom Old and James Brown. We are all on-sight doing a full knock down and rebuild and that team man-ship in the work place is the same as on the field.

“I’m looking forward to putting on my Mosman socks on July 1st.

“It was a strong foundation, which has really set me up, and I’ll be happy to share my story with current juniors from all grassroots clubs, “ says Jack.

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