Kafer's Connection With Grassroots Rugby -

Kafer’s Connection With Grassroots Rugby

Explosive ex-Wallaby star admits that club rugby needs to have a “unique place in the rugby landscape.”

With the Bon Andrews Lunch rapidly approaching, we caught up with Rod Kafer who will be on the panel at this year’s annual event.

Kafer, who boasts Wallaby and Brumby experience, discussed his involvement with grassroots rugby, particularly noting the direction in which our game is heading.

“It is so important to have strong vibes within the clubs and certainly in the way which promotes juniors to continue to play the game,” Kafer said.

“It is also very important to me as a spectator of sport to witness this pathway of young talent.”

While Kafer works at Fox Sports as an analyst and critic, he also touched on his experiences of playing rugby and how his family have played a major role in his promotion of the game.

“I started playing as a 12 year old in 1984 and have been involved ever since,” Kafer explained.

“My kids love playing and watching rugby, but can’t support the Waratahs and i understand that… my family has a deep history in the rugby community.

Kafer additionally noted the importance of women in our sport and how future generations can be influenced in and out of our game.

“That the ARU is investing in Sevens non-contact and 15 a side is fantastic… the investment in womens rugby is critical for the long term success of our game and on-going investments need to be made,” Kafer explained.

“Rugby Sevens is the fastest growing sport in the world and 80% of children pick the sport their parents played, this can certainly have an effect on the next generation of young talent.”

While Rugby Union remains popular amongst young individuals, other sports such as AFL, soccer and Rugby League are rapidly growing in popularity.

However, Kafer suggested that Rugby Union remains unique amongst it’s competitors.

“Rugby union has unique values which need to be focused on: respect generated through the game, volunteer nature of our sport, strong links to education… these are foundations of our game and our core values need to be retained and promoted,” Kafer said. 

Hugh Sinclair and Will Miller have already made that transition from club rugby to Super Rugby and Kafer highlighted Norths coaching staff as the motivators to the dynamic duo’s quality performances.

“To see both Norths players has been a great testament to Norths as a club and they have been invested in as juniors, which certainly reflects the professionalism of their development staff.” Kafer said. 

When asked what 3 things Kafer could do to contribute to club rugby, his response outlined:

  1. Support and assist quality of education and coaching
  2. Find ways to support volunteers and reward them – they are limelight of the game
  3. Continue to find ways to promote club rugby – it needs a unique place in the rugby landscape

Our own Kepu Lokotui recently caught up with Kafer to attempt the Hot Rod Challenge on a segment featured on Fox Sports’ Kick & Chase. 

Lokotui, over a distance of 10 metres, leap-frogged former sprinter and Fox Sports presenter Matt Shirvington with a time of 1.64 seconds.

This placed him on top of the rankings in Rod’s very own Hot Rod Challenge. 

“I think I’d take him, we should clear the floor at the Bon Andrews lunch and have a head to head race,” Kafer laughed off when being suggested to a one-on-one race. 

Below are the details for the upcoming Bon Andrews Lunch:

    • When: Friday 16th of June 2017
    • Where: Dockside, The Balcony Level, Cockle Bay Wharf
    • Time: 12pm – 4pm

Show your support for Norths Rugby & book your seat today!

For more details contact Emma Jacob on 0422134328 or admin@leveragemsolutions.com.

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