New heavy work sponsor for Norths

We welcome Kennards Hire, as jersey sponsor of lucky number 8 to the Norths family. Kennards are themselves a family owned business supplying general hire equipment for the DIY and trade market.

Number 8, worn here by 1st grade Gary Bautz, is a ball playing forward locking the scrum.

“You couldn’t get a better synergy with rugby and Kennards. Number 8 is the lynchpin. He does the heavy work and is a ball player.” says Jack Burey.

As a brand, Kennards aim to be the best in their field and it is nice to work with people who subscribe to the same mid-set.”

We had a chat with Kennards North Shore Area Manager Chris Montague about how Norths fits into the Kennards community portfolio.

“The 2017 partnership with Norths is opportunity to support the number 8 in all teams and the local community we are a part of,” says Chris.

“At Kennards, our hard working staff play integral roles in our success.  Similar to the game of rugby, we embrace strategic thinking at all levels, our branch staff playing the role of the hands on forwards and the support staff as the backs, offering support to get the team over the line.

“We see rugby as a logical fit with our organization, and number 8, has a key synergy with our brand.

“Being part of the local community and supporting our local talent is an important consideration with any sponsorship.

“From a business perspective, we see our local community as part of our extended family.  Partnering with Norths is a great fit because many of the Norths’ fan base are our customers of our local Artarmon Branch.

In regards to what we aim to achieve out of the sponsorship, “We hope to build on the many friendships and the opportunity to support the local Norths’ community.”

“Personally, I love rugby. When asked about the most memorable moment, I wouldn’t say it was my favourite!! But it has to be the Johnny Wilkinson field goal for England to beat Australia in the 2003 World cup. I was devastated.

“As far as integrating Norths into our North Shore Kennards operations, we’ll be on board with a BBQ at home games throughout the season, but more importantly we want to be part of the action and be right behind the Norths. We have a team of people coming to watch on Saturday and let’s hope number 8’s are lucky, “ says Chris.

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