Newsletter May 4 2017 -

Newsletter May 4 2017


Colts games at Centennial Park

Saturday is a home game and we need your support, and for you to support the women’s 7’s game being played between Grade 2nds and 1sts.


Easts Women’s 7’s team will play Macquarie Uni at 2.35pm. It should be a fabulous afternoon, so set up on the Hill and cheer on the Shoremen and the girls.

The Colts are playing at Centennial Park, with the first grade Colts playing for the Sam Carson Cup.




Introducing our 19 year old scrum half

Josh Noonan had the best experience of his rugby life playing 1st grade against Sydney Uni at Bowral 2 weeks ago.

I started playing rugby for Wollondilly White Waratahs at the age of 5. My mum and dad started the rugby club. It was heartland Illarwarra.

Here I was back in the Illawarra running on for Norths first grade, while all my mates were playing in the Wollondilly team against the Bowral Blacks on the next oval.

We were both playing in the re-run of our grand finals.

Josh is 19 and started this year at Norths. He is playing for Colts and Grade. Josh came from Riverview to Norths and has been playing in the Waratahs Gen Blue squad.

Currently taking a gap year and working as a security guard at Fox Sports, Josh feels like he is living the dream, living in Sydney, working and playing rugby.

“Before the Sydney Uni game I got the call up on Thursday that I would be playing grade.

“I knew it was a grand final re-run and a big game. I was so nervous.

“The special thing about Norths is you have mentors. Players like Angus Sinclair who have played NRC and are experienced. They know how to give great advice and teach us to make better players of ourselves.

“Every coaching session you learn something new. I look forward to training and have made lots of mates.

“The senior players are very influential and are great mentors.

“I have been made very welcome and look forward to building relationships and most importantly combinations and game plans that bring success on the field,” says Josh.


Centennial Park, this Saturday at 3.00pm

1st Colts this weekend will be playing for the Sam Carson Cup at Centennial Park.

Sam, who played 100 club games for Norths as halfback sustained a severe brain injury in 2009, from a balcony fall.

His family established the Fresh Tracks Foundation to define fresh pathways for people involved in acquired brain injuries.

Peter Carson, life member of Norths and former Wallaby says, “ Days like Saturday give everyone an understanding of what happens when dramatic events can change your life.


“Sam will be there and while no longer is a Norths player, he is one of their biggest supporters and very much looks forward to seeing the boys play.

“The Club has embraced Fresh Tracks and been a huge support to our family, “ says Peter.

Chris Hall, who played alongside Sam and is now a Norths board member says,” Archie and I started the Sam Carson Cup in 2012 when we had a new batch of Norths colts come into the program – many of whom are now playing Grade.

“One of the main reasons behind the idea was that we wanted to create an identity and culture that season which reflected mateship, respect and love for both Norths and rugby.

“Sam is a year older than me and played the same position, however I won’t forget how welcoming and inclusive he was of me when I joined the club that year and the years that followed – effectively I wanted our boys to demonstrate the same values that Sam instilled when he played at Norths,: says Chris.

Sam has recently started para-golfing and enjoys the recumbent bike hub, which he uses twice a week.

There will be a gold coin donation at the Colts game on Saturday. Funds will go towards the purchase of equipment, which assists in equipment to make life easier for those suffering ABI.


Watch LIVE all the Lions Tour of NZ Games, Sumo, Test Matches and Super Rugby

Shu Sugisaki, and his team at Sapporo Japanese Restaurant in Crows Nest is one of Norths’ longest and most loyal sponsors who connected with Norths in 1995.

22 years on, Shu aligns going to a Norths game at North Sydney Oval on a Saturday as religion.

“It’s like going to church”, says Shu.

“For a lot of people it is the backbone of their life. They feel really at home and rugby is their second family.

“North Sydney Oval is a very picturesque destination. The grand final last year was a dream come true, great location and great rugby.”

Shu’s Sapporo restaurant is the Norths board’s favourite local dining spot. Fabulous food, great atmosphere and rugby, live on the big screen. What more could you want says Norths Rugby Director Grahame O’Donnell.

Shu has an action packed season in the restaurant coming up. Willoughby Living have written a great article on the unity that Shu has built around great food and live sport in the Crows nest community and the Wallaby fans who are flocking to Sapporo.

We need our Norths supporters to support Shu.

Entertainment line up for the coming months;

SUMO Wrestling starting May 14-28

State of Origin – May 31st

British and Irish Lions Tour of NZ – June 3 – July 8 – All Games Live

Australia V’s Fiji – June 10

Australia v’s Scotland – June 17

Stat of Origin June 21st

Plan your group and head to Sapporo Restaurant in Crows Nest 9436 3435.

Willoughby Living

A series of serendipitous events and chance meetings have resulted in a wonderful union between Japan, Australia, rugby and food in Crows Nest.

Here’s a taste of the full article,

In tandem with the restaurant’s growth was Shu’s passion for rugby, although he was now a spectator… and a Wallaby-supporting one at that. When former Wallabies, Waratahs and Brumbies coach (and Order of Australia recipient), Rod Macqueen, began dining regularly at Sapporo in the mid-1990s, the pair struck up a friendship that endures today. Says Macqueen, “I had been working over in Japan and had developed a liking for sushi and sashimi and I wondered into his Crows Nest restaurant one day. Shu is an amazing and caring person who has taken his love for rugby to extraordinary lengths. He revels in all the rugby matches and has an incredible knowledge of the game. There would always be someone from the rugby fraternity eating at the restaurant. I also remember a specific occasion when I took the Davis Cup team with John Fitzgerald and their wives to Shu’s prior to the event. The diners included Lleyton Hewitt and Major General Cosgrove, and we had a great night at Sapporo. Watching a game in the luxury of Shu’s restaurant is probably more enjoyable than being at the game!”

Read the full article


  1. I briefly worked as a translator and interpreted for Joh Bjelkie Peterson twice – I had no idea what he was talking about!
  2. I follow the Wallabies first and the Cherry Blossoms (the Japanese national rugby team) second. The All Blacks would be last on my list. I’m considering taking a tour to the Rugby World Cup in Tokyo in 2019.
  3. People say that we’re one of the Big 4 restaurants in Crows Nest; the others being Peacock Gardens, Fortuna Court and Stuyvesant’s House. It’s worth noting that all of these are also known by their owner’s names – Matthew (Peacock Gardens), Lee (Fortuna Court) and Rudi (Stuyvesant’s House). This highlight’s my belief that connecting with the community and becoming a true local is the key to success in Crows Nest and the Lower North Shore.

So now we finally come to the last piece in our Wellbeing puzzle, that being the practice or habit of “Giving”.

The interesting paradox of this exercise is that it is virtually complementary to the process of practicing gratitude. You see, when we give ourselves time in our busy daily schedule to practice gratitude as giving thanks to whom or whatever we believe in, it is the first step in the “giving” process.

Our daily (gift of gratitude) can be as simple as “thanks for waking up in the morning”, last thing at night taking note of “WWW” (what-went-well) during the day or a combination of the factors that lead us to appreciate what wonderful lives we are fortunate to live and in such a great country. This first step can lead us into the positive practice of acknowledging fellow drivers for a simple act of letting us in, thanking any or all of our service providers from bus drivers to shopping assistants and closer to home giving thanks to friends and loved ones for small acts of everyday consideration.

The next step in “giving” can be far more physical as in simply giving a pat to a dog or a friendly hug both of which have now been scientifically proven to increase the production of dopamine and serotonin which help both parties to be calmer, more relaxed and experience less stress.

Further along the chain of “giving”, though no less effective in creating our inner sense of wellbeing, are the gifts of money and resources to people in far less fortunate situations than ourselves, which is done without expecting anything in return, is wonderful for boosting your spirit and your soul and such altruistic behaviour has inbuilt mental and physical rewards far beyond what you could imagine.

As an extension of the foregoing when we volunteer in organisations that heavily rely on volunteering resources we inadvertently provide ourselves with social connection, interaction, co-operation and polish up our interpersonal skills.

Finally, the gift that is hardest to come by is the gift of time. When we genuinely give time and attention to those in greatest need and these could be ageing parents or grandparents, simply “being there” without a sense of obligation and being present for them is the greatest gift we can provide in their declining years.

A recent study by Dr Frank Lipman has shown that with selfless service comes the volunteer’s version of the “runner’s high”. Oftentimes our volunteering activities can trigger the release of the feel good hormone oxytocin thereby creating a naturally induced reduction in anxiety levels and a sense of more positive feelings towards ourselves and our fellow man. In other words, developing a habit of giving without expecting a reward is generally feel-good time for you and a helping hand for someone in need.


 A sunny Saturday of Grassroots Community Rugby at Its Best

Super Saturday graced Rawson Oval for Round 5 of the Intrust Super Shute Shield.

Home of the Mosman Whales, the locals were treated to 7 fine displays of Northern Suburbs Rugby throughout the early hours of the morning to the depths of the evening when the lights had well & truly taken affect.

Whilst the 1st grade side continues its process and chalked up its 5th straight win of the season. There has also been a light shining brighter each week, 2nd Colts have risen to the challenge and too sit top of the tree with 5 wins from as many rounds.

1st Grade eventually running out winners 52 – 10.

The Shoreman by no means had it all their own way & actually trailed 0-5 when Parramatta withstood some heavy attack before crossing for their own 5 pointer.

Relentless attack from the Red & Black found Norths leading 10 – 5 at the break through Ezra Luxton & Angus Sinclair both adding to the scorers afternoon.

Quick succession of tries to centre pairing Jordy Heyer and Con Foley backed up by Lochie Creagh certainly had the Red & Black faithful cheering aloud.

A further Parramatta try wasn’t enough to withstand a fast finishing Norths outfit as a barnstorming Luxton bagged his 2nd and followed up by ‘Tee Kay’ and Connor Vest opening his season account.

Ezra Luxton claiming man of the match honours for his 2 try effort and powerful scrummaging.


Round 5 wrap up from Rawson.

1st Grade – Norths 52 Parramatta 10   Ladder Position – 1st

2nd Grade – Norths 56 Parramatta 22  Ladder Position – 4th

3rd Grade – Norths 37 Parramatta 10  Ladder Positon – 6th

4th  Grade – Norths 68 Parramatta 0   Ladder Position – 4th


1st Colts – Norths 39 – Parramatta 5   Ladder Position – 6th

2nd  Colts – Norths 36 Parramatta 17   Ladder Position – 1st

3rd  Colts – Norths 17 Parramatta 32  Ladder Positon – 10th


 Thanks to Clay Cross for his continued coverage

Facebook gallery links:

1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

1st Colts


 1 for the car and 1 for your buggy – on sale at North Sydney Oval Saturday

Club legend Ash Hall builds bathrooms and more. He is also the driver behind a new range of Norths merchandise which will be on sale on Saturday at North Sydney Oval.

Here is Ash in his office after a day on-site, with what we think is the best golf brolly ever!.

Currently they are only available for purchase at home games. Other items are essential Norths Australian Club Championships stubby holders and caps.

Moves are afoot to have this available on-line to purchases.

So make sure you get prepared and support Ash and his team-mates who are raising money for the rugby programme.






AND Don’t forget Ladies Day, along with the Bon Andrews Lunch for 2017.


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