4th Grade 10.45 am – support the brotherhood team.

When Nick Marshall runs on the park at Manly this Saturday, he will join the ‘Brotherhood’ Club of 100 games for Norths Grade.


Former Coach Brendan Crowe says of Nick; “ I have had the honour of coaching him over the years. He is another great example of a true clubman. He is the first to put his hand up to raise some coin for charity. He doesn’t care what grade he plays in each week as long as he wears the red and black. He often plays injured due to his body approaching 200. Marshy is the biggest pest known to mankind after he starts bonding with his rum. Unfortunately for me he gravitates to me and we have had many a top night on the drink with more rum on each other than in our mouths.


“On a serious note I would personally like to congratulate Marshy on a massive milestone for him. It has been an honour to have been your coach. I cherish our friendship mate and look forward to seeing you run out on the weekend seeing you do what you do best.


“You are and will always be a very valuable member of our beloved Brotherhood.


We caught up with Nick to ask him how her feels about his 100 games for Norths.


When did you start playing rugby and where?

I started playing when I was 4 for Wakehurst reached 100 games for them too.


First game at Norths was when and in what team?

My first game at Norths was in 2009 playing for 2nds colts. (Stats show he played in 36 second Colts teams, 2 first Colts and scored 8 trys for Colts).


Current team and position?

Playing centre in the brotherhood (4s)


100 Games is a huge achievement, what does it mean to you?

To me it means I’ve hung around long enough and havent played hard enough to get an injury causing me to hang up the boots.


What do you like about Norths?

The culture about Norths is definitely its defining quality. There were a couple of tough seasons about 3 or 4 years ago and even though it was hard going on the field, off the field the boys that were around were all still getting around each other and having a laugh.


How important is off the field culture as on the field?

I think it’s just as important if not more. If you’re having a good time off the field then when it comes to playing you’ll be more committed. The culture off the field also supports the rest of the teams from the hill/stands which is always a good day.


Who are your besties?

I’d have to say the boys you play with week in week out for years, especially the boys I’ve played with since starting in colts.


What are you studying?

Currently studying a sports massage course.


What do you get out of your rugby and where do you want to go?

Rugby stops me from getting fatter. If I didn’t play I’d be even more out of shape. Also gives me a few boys to have a couple bundy and cokes with on a Saturday. When I feel like the body is done playing I would enjoy giving coaching a crack and see how that goes.


What are you looking forward to about the Manly game this weekend?

I might be playing against a couple of mates so definitely looking to get a win.


From his Grade debut in 2011 until his last game against Easts, Marshy has played;


81 fourth grade games


18 third grade games


24 Tries

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