Norths vs. Gordon Rivalry -

Norths vs. Gordon Rivalry

The Baxter Mortlock Trophy will be up for grabs this weekend as a reminder of the fight for bragging rights.

Since this trophy was introduced in 2006, this highly anticipated clash has remained a long lasting rivalry between the two great clubs of Norths and Gordon.

With a 15 year rivalry between Al Baxter and Stirling Mortlock on display, it was only fitting that these two clubs legends had their named etched on this famous piece of silverware.

While both Al and Stirling boasted Wallabies experience, they will never forget the rivalry which stood between Norths and Gordon.

“Stirling Mortlock versed me back in the school days and we played each other from 1995 to 2011 on numerous occasions,” Al said.

“It was a local derby and a grudge match for all players involved in the Norths and Gordon match-up and beating Gordon was always an enjoyable moment.”

Plenty of memories would have come from this fiery clash, with the satisfaction of competing being a stand out memory for Al Baxter.

“Back in late 90’s, Gordon was dominant and to be able a win against a team full of Wallabies players was definitely exciting,” Al said.

“The clash between the two sides have always been competitive with trash talk being a large theme of this 15 year rivalry in my time, always fighting for bragging rights.”

The Director of Rugby here at Norths, Grahame O’Donnell, discussed this meaningful clash while giving us some background knowledge to this long lasting rivalry.

“Around 2006, both Al and Stirling were on top of their game, both for their respective clubs,” Grahame explained.

“One of our biggest rivalries is definitely against Gordon and should be celebrated the right way and with something to show for it.

“Both Al and Stirling came to Colts system in the ranks and it was a great idea by John Harkness, the President of the board at that time, to put their names forward as father-like figures of the cup.

“No matter what position each team was on the table, it would always be a tough and hard fought match-up.

Grahame also touched on the current players who still hold this game in high regard.

“Any game between Gordon and Norths, whether they are playing for a trophy or not, both sides will be up for it,” Grahame said.

“Having the name of those two players, who played at the highest honour, on the trophy gives players that extra bit of confidence and motivation.

“Nothing will ever take away from this rivalry we have with Gordon.”

Be there this Saturday as Norths look to make it back-to-back wins against Gordon and claim bragging rights. 

Venue: Chatswood Oval

Time: 3pm (first grade)

Date: Saturday, 3rd June

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