Ezra Luxton -
Ezra Luxton

Ezra Luxton

  • DOB:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Nickname:
  • Occupation:
  • 4/5/1991
  • 185cm
  • 112kg
  • Ez
  • Plumber

Representative Honours: Not good enough

Best advice you have ever been given: Its not about the dog in the fight, its about the fight in the dog

People you would like to have a beer with dead or alive: Will Miller, Lachie Porteous, Mitch Magrath

If a movie star was to play you, would would it be?Caitlyn Jenner

Worst person to room with and why:Smithy – because he’s from Canberra

Pre-game superstition/ritual:Sleep with the game socks on the night before and the night after, put my left hand in the toilet cistern and splash my face 4 times with the water, then look in the mirror and yell in Kiwi accent “crouch, bind, set, pause, hold, engage!

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