Connor Vest -
Connor Vest

Connor Vest

  • DOB:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Nickname:
  • Occupation:
  • 26/04/1994
  • 195cm
  • 115kg
  • Vesty
  • Factory Foreman

Junior Club: Grafton Red Men

Representative Honours: Waratahs u20s 2014, Emerging Rays 2014

Best part of being a Norths player: The culture of the club

Favourite family meal: Chicken Bacon Carbonara

Rugby hero: Nathan Sharpe

Favourite Norths player: Not really a player, seems like he used to play. The infamous Matt White

Best Rugby moment: Winning the Shute Shield Premiership in 2016

Day job and hobbies: Factory foreman at an interior designer company

Most annoying player to train with: Michael Smith, he can’t pass a ball to your chest because his shoulders are too tense all the time

Best advice you have ever been given: No one will ever do the work for you, do it yourself!!

3 people you would like to have a beer with dead or alive: My dad, Nathan Sharpe, Jerry Collins

If a movie star was to play you, would would it be? Zac Efron, because I have a good rig

Pre-game superstition/ritual: Left boot, right boot

Most unusual place you have played Rugby: In a paddock in casino

If you weren’t playing Rugby, what other sport would you be playing: Anything but cricket

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