Seti Tafua Shield - Players Diary Day 5 -

Seti Tafua Shield – Players Diary Day 5

Day 5 – Sunday 24th March

All the boys woke up quite tired and out of energy after the game and consequent post match celebration. Time to pack bags and get ready for a 10:00am check out from Brentwood Hotel. Unfortunately, we had a two and a half hour break for the bus to take us to the airport.

The day was spent getting some breakfast around Kilbirnie and then congregating back in the foyer of Brentwood Hotel, waiting for the bus. Whilst waiting, a few of the boys returned with some morning tea, compliments of the Tafua family. This illustrates where Seti gets is noble character from, because of his and his families unconditional giving and love for their friends and family. The squad did a lot of reminiscing here whilst eating morning tea, where many stories and events of the tour were re-told by everyone, which we will all remember for a long time to come.

Arriving at the airport, just before 1:00pm, we checked in, which was a long process as Wellington Airport check in system had crashed and everyone had to be checked in manually. Seti came to the airport to see everyone off, which I thought was really nice, and although sad to say goodbye to our mate, it will be only a matter of time before we see him again. Once checked in everything went smoothly, arriving in Sydney just after 4:30pm, and everyone collecting their bags, clearing customs and parting ways after an eventful, fun and memorable 5 days together.

If you have been reading these entries, you will have seen the “players gossip” segments for each respective day. Seeing as today is the last day, I thought it would be fitting to have a “players gossip” for the entire tour, so read up, to get a behind the scenes perspective on some of the trials and tribulations that have not been mentioned in previous entries that made up the Northern Suburbs Seti Tafua Tour to Wellington, New Zealand 2013.

Players Gossip – Tour to New Zealand 2013

  • Karl Truijens got stuck in a slide at a local playground, resulting in children crying because they thought it was going to be broken.
  • Coby Schuster for being in his bed during any free time throughout the tour.
  • Scott Podmore for his impeccable pre-game snacks, such as pepsi max, redbull and Cadbury hazelnut chocolate.
  • The majority of the backs for taking the longest in the shower, upwards of 30 minutes of some occasions, major perpetrator Kenny Niko.
  • Lachie Creagh for losing his plush toy that he was suppose to have with him at all times throughout the tour for being the youngest on tour, on the first day and last night of tour.
  •  Joel Wilson for falling from a roof beam and skinning his nose, after being challenged by Poneke players at the after match function to monkey bar across it.


There were a lot of other events and general gossip throughout the tour however they have been put in the “vault” and will come out in due time.
That is all from me, I hope you have enjoyed reading these entries, and will continue to support the Shoremen for the coming.

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