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It is with great pleasure that Sapporo welcome back Takeo Shimura – Japan’s top Tempura chef.

20 years ago he was just a humble kitchen hand at Sapporo.  All he wanted to do was surfing, but running out of money he knocked on Sapporo’s door.  He returned to Japan to pursue his new passion in cooking and now owns a highly acclaimed restaurant in Shizuoka called “Naruse” which is booked out for months in advance. Michelin chefs from all over the world and the ultra-rich and famous come from far and wide to learn and marvel at his unique and rebellious style of cooking.

For one week we have the privilege of offering this exclusive once in a lifetime experience to our customers.


Why is his tempura so good? Takeo serves only the freshest local ingredients with the exception of the two crucial elements that he has bought from Japan; and they are essentially the key to his success- Flour and Top grade sesame oil. Good tempura should be pale blond with an extraordinarily lacy, light, and crisp coating.

Takeo uses the finest flour and incorporates this into his almost frozen batter. Sesame oil actually contains cholesterol-lowering linoleic acids, oleic acids and the anti-oxidant sesamin, This makes it just a little more defensible in terms of health effects as it is gentler on the body for digestion. Although it’s expensive, the oil is changed after each session to ensure that it doesn’t seep into the fresh ingredients, that the natural flavour is locked in and to maintain that wonderful explosive crunch on the palate.

Tempura chefs are sort of like the Jedi of the cooking world: They must deftly perform with the utmost skill and precision, using extremely dangerous tools, all while maintaining a calm, serene demeanour. It is an elegant technique, from a more civilized time. Takeo uses one pan for flash frying and another to slowly cook whole vegetables such as sweet potato and carrots. This confit style brings out the natural sugars in the vegetables and gives them an almost cake like quality.


What to expect?

With a breath taking view of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour and in limited groups of only 10 diners, Takeo will personally serve two appetizers,14 pieces of tempura (half seafood, half vegetables).  In between bites, you will be required to do “hashi yasume” which means rest your chopsticks and enjoy an intermezzo- small palate cleansing dished between courses.  As the main meal, you can choose either tempura rice in soup (Ten-Chazuke) or tempura on rice (Ten-don) which is freshly cooked in front of you.  A dessert and green tea to finish.


Where and when is it happening?

At Sapporo’s other venue; Yukis at the Quay, located at Level 4 Overseas Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay

Friday, 7th, Saturday, 8th, Sunday, 9th, Tuesday, 11th, Wednesday 12th and Thursday, 13th

2 sittings each night:  1st 5.30 pm to 8 pm and 2nd 8.15 pm to 10.30 pm

$280 per person with matching wine for $80 per person


How to book?

Call Sapporo 9436 3435 or Yukis 9252 8600  Book through Dimmi online

Or please call Shu 0411516748

For more information about Takeo and his one in a lifetime dining experience visit:

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