Seti Tafua Shield -

Seti Tafua Shield

Nick Curtis gives us an insight into the daily activities of the players on tour for the Seti Tafua Shield.

Day 1 – Wednesday 20 March

An early start on a frosty Wednesday morning, with the touring Shoremen arriving at the airport at 7:00am for a 9:00am flight. To the coaches and managers’ surprise, no players were exceptionally late and no one forgot their passports.

Everyone checked and cleared customs and the morning was running smoothly, until someone realized that the youngest Shoremen on tour, Lachy Creagh, had lost his token fluffy toy that he had been appointed to look after and have with at all times whilst on tour. As a result, he was given a much larger and less inconspicuous fluffy toy in the hope that he will be able to hold onto it for longer then 40 minutes. We had a good flight, landing in Wellington at around 3:00pm local time.

Wasting no time allocating rooms, putting bags down and getting straight into training kit, we went and got a quick feed at the local subway, because we always eat fresh. We then went to the local oval down the road from the hotel for a light training and stretching session.

We all gathered back at the hotel to get ready for the first nights dinner at a “Lone Star” steakhouse in the city of Wellington, where the man himself Seti Tafua joined the boys for a steak. This gave a lot of the boys the opportunity to catch up with Seti for the first time in six months. After dinner, the majority of the boys headed out to a few of local pubs for a beer or two, but we were under strict instructions to be back at the hotel no later than 12:00am.

Bed time.

Players Gossip: 

Karl Trujens was extremely disappointed with the unprecedented dismal effort of Lachy Creagh and his care of his soft plush toy.

AJ Gilbert’s constant questioning of Terito Mareikura about all things Wellington, as Terito is from Wellington. Being a local, he must know everything about the place, which lead to him being informally selected as our own personal ‘tour guide’, T the tour guide.

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