SG Fleet - Gold Level Sponsor -

SG Fleet – Gold Level Sponsor

SG Fleet: “more than just a sponsorship,” supporting excellence, trust and collaboration.

As a proud Gold level Norths sponsor, we recently caught up with Yves Noldus, Head of Corporate Affairs, Marketing & Investor Relations at SG Fleet and discussed the companies long lasting relationship with Norths Rugby and how supporting grassroots club rugby fits in with their values as an international fleet management and leasing industry. SG Fleet is featured on our jersey’s left arm sleeve.

What was the rational for the sponsorship?

At SG Fleet, we are strong believers in the role of sport, and local sports in particular, as a cohesive force within the community, bringing people from all walks of life together and providing an opportunity for young people to excel in a productive, healthy environment. These notions of diversity, community, teamwork and striving for excellence match our own corporate values.

Your relationship with the game of rugby?

Coming from a background where other sports dominated, I didn’t personally play the game, although my son did play at school level. And of course, like everyone I have acquaintances that have played the game at a higher level. My relationship with the game is more as an SG Fleet employee, where rugby dominates the Monday morning conversations.

How important is it in your organisation to give back to the local community?

SG Fleet is a supporter of a number of charities and community-based initiatives. We aim to have some involvement in a broad range of areas, including sports, healthcare, family support, children etc. This involvement is driven by a genuine belief within SG Fleet that communities, including in the workplace, are a key force for good and need to be fostered accordingly.

How does Norths fit with your values?

Three of SG Fleet’s stated company values, Excellence, Trust, and Collaboration, are directly relevant to the sport of rugby. Working with your team mates, in the office or on the pitch, requires trust in each other’s abilities and decisions. It helps to bring out and then channel the excellence of individuals into excellence as a team. You could also argue that Innovation, our fourth value, can be of relevance to rugby. The game has evolved over the years and the ability to evolve the way the team plays will be a contributor to excellence and success as well.

What do you aim to achieve out of the sponsorship?

SG Fleet sees its relationship with Norths as more than a sponsorship. We are a market-leading fleet management and salary packaging group in Australia, and of course, we want to highlight our services to those attending or viewing the game. But as a Sydney-headquartered company, there is also a real conviction that we need to give back to the community. That rallies our people around a shared objective, which is positive for our workplace environment.  

Your favourite rugby moment?

I was part of the world record crowd that saw Australia beaten by New Zealand and the great Jonah Lomu at Stadium Australia in 2000, and I vividly remember that. But what I most enjoy is the great atmosphere at a local Norths game, such as the one at Rawson Oval a few weeks ago. The opposition team and their families are casually camped on the grass, kids are running about, meat raffles are held, the sun sets over Sydney… For me, that is what rugby is all about.

How are you looking forward to promoting it in your organisation?

We regularly make tickets available to SG Fleet employees and of course keep everyone posted on how the team is going. As we provide Norths with some vehicles as part of our sponsorship, many of our people have taken a keen interest in the team and are quite proud to be servicing the club.

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