Star Studded Panel @ Bon Andrews Lunch -

Star Studded Panel @ Bon Andrews Lunch

Join Tim Walsh and Emma Tonegato at our upcoming Bon Andrews Lunch as they share their memories and experiences as professionals in the game of Rugby Union.

Tim Walsh is an Australian Rugby Union coach, a former Queensland Red and the former captain of the Australian Sevens team.

With plenty Sevens experience, Tim Walsh now coaches the Australian Women’s Sevens squad.

We couldn’t be happier to have Tim Walsh as part of our panel and earlier discussed the importance of grassroots Rugby in his illustrious career.

“It is where I fell in love with the game,” Tim said.

“My first ambition was to play for the Easts Tigers of Brisbane, the jersey, the people, the club where I was a Tiger and my favourite day of the week was Saturday, my favourite season being winter!”

With an endless resume, Walsh’s love for the game has not changed one bit and remains a proud promoter of our great game.

“I played Australian Schoolboys, 19’s, 21’s, Reds and then Australian Sevens,” Tim said.

“From here I was picked by an NPC team in NZ and then a Premiership team in England before being signed to the Reds full time on a Super League contract.

“I then went on to play Australian Sevens again in 2004, 2008 & 2009 and the Reds again in 2010 after a stint with Randwick before heading to Italy.

“My role has changed from player to coach, but my desire and passion for the game never waivers.”

Tim Walsh remains a strong promoter of Women’s Rugby and believes his time as head coach of the Women’s Australian Sevens side has been the highlight of his memorable career.

“Coaching the girls has been the best time of life, helped by success, incredible memories and I have a squad that absorbs information, skills and implement them with ease,” Tim explained.

“The joy has been planning, working hard and watching it all unfold into something better than expected.

“The biggest challenges have been my ability to communicate and then get the best out of each other, while really opening myself up and making myself vulnerable to prove my authenticity.

“Once I earned the trust of the squad and they believed in me we were unstoppable.”

Emma Tonegato will join her head coach, Tim Walsh, on our star studded panel, discussing her involvement in our great game.

“I grew up playing many sports, but mainly stuck with touch football,” Emma said.

“From there I started playing Rugby League when I was 16 and eventually got into Rugby through the Schoolgirls Seven’s program.

“I fell in love with the game, especially the pace, the opportunities and the space on the field.

“I ended up playing youth for NSW, then Australia, all leading to a full-time contract with the Australian Women’s Sevens program.”

A Gold medalist at the past Rio 2016 Olympics, Emma touched on the physical and mental toughness a player must have in order to stand out amongst the world’s best.

Australia’s Emma Tonegato, after their Women’s Rugby Sevens quarter final match against USA at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

“Obviously winning was an amazing highlight and to do it in front of my family was so emotional,” Emma said.

“The 4 hard years of training in the lead up were so challenging, not only the physical side but also the mental.

“It can be very hard to stay motivated for something so far away, but I guess thats what makes winning so special.”

While Rugby continues to grow as an international sport, Emma noted the toughness in promoting our game with our other sporting competitors.

“We need continual promotion to allow the game to keep growing,” Emma said.

“Rugby has a lot of competition at the moment with the likes of League, AFL and Soccer.

“We need to keep promoting how great our game is!”


Join our star studded panel at our upcoming Bon Andrews Lunch. It is going to be a good one!

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