The Weekly Round Up -

The Weekly Round Up

The Weekly Round Up

By Club Captain, Tommy Evans

We finally did it! We’ve come close a few times this season, but against West Harbour we finally got our first clean sweep of 2018. The timing could not have been better either, with only two more rounds until finals. It’s nice to have momentum at this time of the year, and it looks like we’re building nicely as a group.


The Brotherhood had a strong win, getting up 43-7 against a West Harbour side that managed an upset win at Bon Andrews earlier this year. There have been some truly terrible performances by 4s this season, so everyone was a bit shocked to see us running tries in with such confidence.

After the first try was scored, manager Norm ‘Nobby’ Osborne was seen telling everyone to “watch this bloke kick”. He was referring to second-rower Jackson Joseph, who was busy lining up the conversion from in front. “Beautiful timing, big long levers- just watch this” he said, excitedly. Well, big Jacko hardly got the ball off the ground and missed an absolute sitter of a kick. In fact, Ash Hall knocked it over from the same spot later in the morning for third grade. “For CHRIST’S SAKE!” he shouted before throwing his clipboard on the ground. “I thought this rubbish ended when Jenkins left. Somebody get me a Tooheys New.”


Alex Ironside has always held the Brotherhood values true to his heart, however, has usually been found playing 2s or 3s. Now the big man is finally getting the opportunity to have a run with the boys and is relishing the opportunity. He had plenty of strong carries and lifted those around him in a strong performance at blindside flanker.

Norths 43 (Tries: #15 Mitch Kay, #11 Harry Merriman, #8 Ben Martin, #7 Stephen Marshall, #10 Jack Rixon, #21 Tom Olds, #23 Fergus Bragg; Goals: #4 J

ackson Joseph 2, #22 Jack Burey 2), West Harbour 7



Threes were boosted by the inclusion of the 200 gamer, Ash Hall. It didn’t take long until they were on the scoreboard before they were in again, and again, and again…

Connor Winchester decided to challenge himself, and instead of going for the easy option of kicking the ball BETWEEN the posts, he decided to have a crack at the right upright. The expert kicker nailed it three times in a row, much to the displeasure of the veteran prop watching from the halfway line. After the next try was scored, Ash ripped the ball off Connor and barked, “this is how it’s done mate” and slotted it over for his first goal in 200 games. I’ve never seen a shorter follow-through, but it was still a thing of beauty.

Daniel Hiep was having a blinder at outside centre, regularly cutting through the opposition backline seemingly at will. His partner in the centres, Jayden Stokes was getting pissed off that he was getting none of the glory, and decided to give him a hospital pass right into a couple of very angry Polynesian defenders. I’ll ask you all to light a candle tonight for Hiepy, RIP.

Norths 83 (A lot of tries and goals), West Harbour 0



Regular second grade captain, Daniel Murray, is a bit of a self-professed practical joker. Outside of video editing, he doesn’t mind dabbling in a few pranks- just like his idol, Bam Margera.

After tearing his pec recently, his teammates accepted that he will probably be out for the season. Well, when an opportunity so “tasty” (as Muzz always says) presents itself, the big fella couldn’t help but take advantage of it. He warmed up in full kit, leading everyone to believe he was playing against all odds. Well, weren’t their faces coloured crimson when he announced just before kick-off that not only was he not playing, but his replacement was Kyle O’Hara- a backrower that has never played prop in his life! Ha ha ha you should’ve seen the look on their faces. Too good.

Despite new captain Jordy Heyer’s questionable fitness, the boys ran home with a bonus point win. When the hard-running centre told his boys that “they needed to finish these last ten minutes well”, the ref overheard and pointed out that there was still 28 minutes on the clock.

Norths 44 (#5 Matthew White, #18 JP Sauni 2, #14 Harry Cudmore, #9 Josh Noonan, #11 Angelo Leaupepe 2, #22 Mitch Magrath; Goals: #10 Josh Kay 2

), West Harbour 29



Ones came out of the blocks firing, getting up to a 21-0 lead rather quickly. This side has a lot of calm heads, and having the injured Lawrance Hunting running water and delivering messages certainly helped keep the boys on task.

One bloke who loves a motivational one-liner though is Sam Giltrap. Trappa is known for lifting those around him with some fascinating insights, however, screaming “it’s nil all boys” numerous times throughout the game had the players scratching their heads. Other quotes heard throughout the game were, “they can’t tackle without their legs”, “it’s important to run onto the ball” and “I before E, except after C”.

Nathan Russell had a strong game in the centres, however in a dent to his confidence, every time he received the ball his teammates could all be heard screaming, “give it to Woolfy!” Some would liken it to a game of under 12s where the goal is always just to give it to the fast, lanky kid who scores 47 tries in a season.

Norths 48 (Tries: #14 Richie Woolf 2, #15 Sam Giltrap, #9 Nick Duffy, #1 Ezra Luxton, #11 Cone Connelly; Goals: #10 Angus Sinclair 8), West Harbour 31



It was shame to see that poor West Harbour are doing it tough in colts this season. Despite some healthy pre-season numbers, coming into this week they had to forfeit 3rds colts and their 2nds colts team only had 12 players. In true Norths fashion, three of our blokes put their hands up to throw on a West Harbour jersey to even up the field. Big ups to Jack Whelan, James Priest and Caleb Purcell who happily volunteered to help out- great show of character fellas. In fact, they may have taken it a bit too seriously, with Priesty absolutely belting big Maclean Dombkins in a tackle, while Ben Furby was robbed of a five try haul due to another big tackle from one of his mates.

2s won 111-0 and 1s won 58-0.



The girls had a challenging tournament at Chatswood Oval on Sunday. Moving up to 1st division, while only having a squad of 9 due to injuries and unavailable players, it was always going to be a tough ask. Despite this, our group doesn’t shy away from a challenge and they threw everything they had into it.

Camilla Cox, who suffered an unfortunate broken ankle early in the year, was a standout in her first tournament back. From all reports she was fantastic, making a seamless transition back into the team and making it look like she’s been there all year.

As it’s the first season for most playing rugby, there’s still always going to be a few interesting moments every tournament. In one of the games, flyer Susie Wolff was tackled and Emma Austin’s reaction was to yell at the opposition to “get off her!” Poor Emma momentarily forgot that one of the goals in rugby is to tackle the opponent carrying the ball, and got so stressed out because she thought Susie was being assaulted.


3rd grade. Cricket score against a big West Harbour team playing at home. Not having a point scored against is always a thing of beauty as well.


Harry Burey, 1st grade. No real reason, I just like him and he had a decent game.

Big week of training now as we head out to Woollahra to get some payback against Easts. Last time we met they beat us in all four grades… at home… on our Ladies Day. That one still doesn’t sit too well with me, so let’s look to rectify that this Saturday. I encourage everyone playing in 3s and 4s to stick around all day and give 2s and 1s plenty of support, as the crowd is always strong and vocal over at Easts. Also not a bad spot for a schooner either, so let’s rip in as a club afterwards.



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