Union Hotel Sponsorship -

Union Hotel Sponsorship

Union: “great to be apart of something that’s local and dynamic.”

As one of our Gold Level Norths sponsors, we recently caught up with Angela Gallagher, the General Manager of The Union Hotel, and discussed the Union’s long lasting relationship with Norths Rugby and how supporting grassroots club rugby fits in with their values as a pub and hotel.


What was the rational for sponsorship?

We love to support the local community and all our 12 venues sponsor sporting & community groups. Norths Rugby is an institution and we are thrilled to be supporters of the club. Its great to be apart of something that’s local and dynamic.


Your relationship with the game of rugby?

Patrick and I have 3 boys and a girl, we breathe it each week end at Joeys, if they are not playing they are watching it!


How important is it in your organisation to give back to the local community?

Its on our 10 commandments (mantra) of the business and something all our venues report on monthly. We all have responsibilities to give back and contribute it’s apart of being a citizen of any community- its extremely important for us as a team to give.


How does Norths fit with your values?

Norths are great supporters of our business and understand the benefits of networking, charitable works and community engagement.


What do you aim to achieve out of the sponsorship?

Hopefully Norths will win the Shield again this year and we will have another fantastic celebration party again at the union hotel!


Your favourite rugby moment?

Shute Shield win last year very exciting- albeit watching it in my car waiting to pick up from sport.


How are you looking forward to promoting it in your organisation?

The Union Hotel is a great pub, we actively promote sport, we have great events facilities and won best traditional bar NSW last year at the AHA awards!

We hope to continue to work with Norths and its partners to promote our business and theirs, our pub life loyalty card give members 5% off purchases across all our sites.

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