Coffee with the Captain: Harry Burey

2 months ago

This week we sit down with Captain Harry Burey to give members an insight into the inner circle of the team as the season nears. Grab a coffee and enjoy.

After a heartbreaking loss in the 2020 Semi-Final and not getting a chance to finish out 2021, is that driving the team and how much desire is there to raise the shield in 2022.

Harry: “Don’t Die Wondering!

I guess 2021 will always be the year of the unknown. Premierships aren’t won in June, however, we had put ourselves in a nice spot to see if we could take our opportunities on the day towards the backend of the year when the whips started cracking in August.

In saying that, 2021 is done.

Thankfully with quite a settled squad, along with a few key inclusions we have a good opportunity to once again go chasing a title and see what this group can achieve.”

In his 7th season with Northern Suburbs, Burey has seen a change of Head Coach in most of his seasons.

Describe the impact of having Head Coach Zak Beer calling the shots once again?

Harry: “I guess it’s like the flywheel effect, with Beery (Zak) in his third year at the club (second as head coach) we have been able to keep the momentum rolling straight into pre-season and a bit of that showed in the weekends trial v Easts with the cohesion of players and clarity on how we are trying to play.

Beery (Zak) already has a clear understanding of the workings of the club and the people's strengths and weaknesses, which is a key part of how we are going to get better.

18 Rounds and a 4 week Top 8 final system, what is the biggest challenge ahead of Norths in 2022?

Harry: “Depth. Depth & More Depth!

This is certainly the longest Shute Shield in my time at Norths and there will no doubt be injuries throughout a long and challenging season.

Ensuring that those players stepping in can contribute what is required will be key for any team in the competition.

Along with the ability to adapt and evolve throughout the season will be crucial. Something that’s working in April will likely be old news and outdated come August.

The youth that has come up from colts is extremely pleasing to the club, what impact are they having around training, camp and the trials?

Harry: “Adding to my earlier point, I think the most exciting thing about the new colts coming through is that they are adding a lot of genuine depth!

A lot of the guys are already far enough into their rugby development to not only fill a jersey in 1st or 2nd Grade but genuinely contribute.

Along with their desire to compete, they're continually wanting to improve. It’s infectious on the older guys and ensures they aren’t plateauing in their own desire to improve.

Leading the team out onto North Sydney Oval will be special again, how excited are you to get back out in front of a home crowd at the best home ground in the competition?

Harry: “I didn’t think about this a whole lot over the extended off-season and just enjoyed cycling back in as another player when I returned to training back in January.

However, at camp, hearing some of the guys talk about not only what rugby but Norths means to them. It is certainly not lost on me the privilege it is to be captain of this club and leading the boys out at North Sydney Oval is certainly one of my fondest memories to date.