AGM Delayed to April/May

3 months ago


Kelly Partners have now formally resigned as auditors of the Club, effective for the year ending 31 December 2021. This brings to an end a seven-year relationship with Kelly Partners both on and off the field.

Given the lengthy relationship, the resignation is considered appropriate for auditor independence requirements.

We thank Kelly Partners for their efforts and welcome David Conroy and his team from Conroy Audit and Advisory who we are working with to appoint them as the Club’s new auditors.

Our AGM is still expected to be held in late April or early May.

11 March 2022

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is required to approve the resignation of Kelly + Partners as the Club’s auditor and the subsequent appointment of our new auditor, from Conroy Audit & Advisory. Unfortunately, due to administrative delays at ASIC, this process has not yet been finalised. The Club will now aim to hold its AGM in April/May and lodge Financial Reports soon thereafter, this is still within our statutory timetable given reporting extensions granted to all corporations due to the pandemic.

We will provide Members with any further updates as they come to hand.

17 February 2022

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