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Notice of Meeting.

Notice is hereby given that the 123rd Annual General Meeting of the Northern Suburbs Rugby Football Club Limited will be held at Norths Cammeray,12 Abbott Street, Cammeray, NSW on Monday 23rd May 2022, commencing at 6:15pm.

Ordinary Business

1. Apologies.

2. To receive the Report of the Directors for the financial year ended 31 December 2021.

3. To Receive the Financial Report for the financial year ended 31 December 2021.

4. To elect the following Director, whose term of office has expired, or have been appointed since the last Annual General Meeting, and who being eligible offer themselves for re-election, in accordance with the Constitution, as follows:
1. Nicholas Palmer

Any further nominations for the position of Director will be received up to 6:00pm on Wednesday, 18th May 2022 for the election of Directors at the Annual General Meeting

Nomination forms are available from the Secretary to the Board on application.

The Club’s Constitution provides for a three-year term for each elected director of the Club.

In accordance with the Constitution of the Club, proxies are not permitted.

5. General Business.

Conroy Audit & Advisory were appointed to fill a casual vacancy following the resignation of Kelly + Partners as Auditors.
The meeting to approve “Re-appointment of Audit Firm Conroy Audit & Advisory” as Auditors.

Special Resolution

To consider and if thought appropriate, resolve by special resolution, that Anthony Crawford be elected a Life Member of the Club in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Club.

Explanatory Notes for Resolution

Past Presidents and Life Members of the Club John Harkness and Dick Shaw have nominated Anthony Crawford for Life Membership of the Club.

The letter of nomination is attached to this notice.

The Board recommends and supports the nomination.

By order of the Board

John Liddell
Company Secretary
2nd May 2022

Notice of Nomination of a Life Member

To the Club Secretary
Northern Suburbs Rugby Football Club

As required by Clause 11.4 of the Constitution, which notes that: "Any member of the Club who has been or is an officer of the Club or who has rendered distinguished service to the Game or the Club may be elected ......... as a Life Member .......... ", we hereby nominate Tony Crawford to be considered for election as a Life Member.

We set out below relevant information to support this nomination:

Tony played his rugby with a club other than Norths in the northern suburbs of Sydney. He was first seen on the sidelines at Norths as the supportive and enthusiastic father of Cameron Crawford.

Tony's background as a lawyer and CEO of the law firm, Phillips Fox, made him an ideal candidate to join the Board of the Club, which he did in late 2010.

Tony brought significant business and legal skills to the Board which were invaluable.

The Club's ownership and operation of the Cabana Bar premises in St. Leonards threw up significant legal and financial issues which had to be addressed early in Tony's Board tenure.

In December 2010, the Club revised its strategy with Tony leading many of the initiatives which were to stand the Club in very good stead in subsequent years. It was at that time that the strap line "To better the player, to better the person, to better the community" evolved.

Tony became President in November 2011 and took on the role as Norths' delegate to the Sydney Rugby Union which, at that stage, was going through some uncertain times as to what the club competition might look like in the future and concerns that some clubs might be dropped from First Division.

Those years were testing with significant pressures upon the Board to maintain competitive rugby sides on the paddock while operating the Cabana Bar profitably in a hospitality environment which had become increasingly competitive. To do so required all Board members to contribute, with Tony, as President, having a substantial leadership role in all aspects of the Club's activities.

Tony showed particular successful interest in the Club's sponsorship programme.

In August 2014, the Club sold its premises in Christie Street, St Leonards, and the Club embarked on a new chapter without Club premises but with a substantial amount available to invest.

The rugby programme continued to be the focus and, in 2016, the Club won the 1st Grade Premiership while achieving substantial improvements in overall results throughout the Club.

Tony resigned from the Board in November 2018.

He thereafter joined the Board of New South Wales Rugby (which now incorporates the Waratahs) and was appointed as its Chairman in August 2021.

John Harkness (Life Member)
Richard Shaw (Life Member)

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