Through the Grades - Round 15

24 days ago

We take a look at the run home to the finals through the grades.

2nd Grade - Position: 4th
9 Wins - 1 Draw - 4 Losses

An arm wrestle last week before Norths ran away with the match in the final 10 minutes.

The Two Blues sit 3 points shy behind them, so 2nd Grade will need to continue the form that has them 4 wins on the bounce.

Player to watch: Jack Marning

Run Home: Eastwood 9th, Souths 11th, Two Blues 5th, Easts 3rd

3rd Grade - Position: 4th*
10 Wins - 2 Losses

4th Position with a game (against West Harbour) in hand. 3rd Grade are unbeaten in their past 8 matches, their last defeat round 4 v Eastwood.

Their scrum has been exceptional of late with Brady Dawson and Dylan Saunders applying the blow torch to Gordon last week.

Player to watch: Brady Dawson

Run Home: West Harbour* 10th, Eastwood 7th, Souths 11th, Two Blues 9th, Easts 1st

4th Grade - Position: 5th
6 Wins - 5 Losses

An Ash Hall inspired 2nd half lifted 4th grade from 5-15 halftime deficit to a monumental 31-15 victory. 4th Grade have a Game in hand which could see them climb as high as 3rd, however, they will need to take care of this one before looking any further.

Player to Watch: Maika Mundunavosa

Run Home: West Harbour* 11th, Eastwood 8th, Souths 3rd, Two Blues 6th, Easts 2nd

1st Colts - Position: 10th
4 Wins - 8 Losses

Despite last week's loss, a top 8 finish remains achievable. Their next 2 games against West Harbour* & Eastwood are must-win to give themselves any chance, before winnable games against Souths and Two Blues.

Player to watch: Michael Frino

Run Home: West Harbour* 8th, Gordon 6th, Eastwood 7th, Souths 10th, Two Blues 12th, Easts 3rd

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