“Vinaka Vakalevu" from Sevaro, Sam and Luisa Domoni

10 months ago

Dear Mr. Grahame O’Donnell and Norths Rugby

I am writing this letter regards to the GoFundMe page that Norths Rugby set up to which respectfully tributed toward our late father Mr Samuela Domoni Jnr. It has been a challenging week since we received the news of our late father's passing. During this hard time with great grief; prayers, love and support shown from family, friends, Device technologies Australia and the rugby community in which our father was involved with in the past years, has reassured us and somewhat given my brothers and I strength to carry on through.

I’d like to thank North’s Rugby in setting up a GoFundMe page to help assist my brothers and I with the arrangements of our father’s funeral in which, I’ll be representing my brothers to fly over to Fiji for our father’s farewell. During a pandemic, we understand that everyone has their own challenges faced daily, however, we humbly acknowledge the kind donations from the rugby community, fraternity and friends that had a close relationship with our father.

With great thanks and as we say in Fijian “Vinaka Vakalevu.”

Sevaro, Sam and Luisa Domoni

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