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City Cave


The Float Therapy experience involves lying in a pool filled with 400kg of Epsom salts, with water that is perfectly heated to your external body temperature. You will quickly be transported into a deep state of theta relaxation; A meditative state your body and mind progresses into for an optimal healing process. This state helps heal the body, reduces stress and anxiety, and immerses the body into deep relaxation.

Over two exciting floors, their Lane Cove club will inspire and motivate you to achieve your best performance every time you walk through the doors. Taking members on an interactive and inspiring fitness journey, in a world class facility and with world class service. Providing an environment where our fitness community can connect, engage, enjoy and achieve a healthy lifestyle through education, leadership and accountability.

Delivering an amazing digital experience for those seeking to live life fit. FITLIFE will provide you with education and motivation on how to live and breathe a life of balance.




For more information visit their website at: City Cave Float & Wellness Centre