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Congratulations to Alex Ironside who has been named Club Captain for 2024. Alex has been working side by side with Charlie Jeavons-Fellows previously however Charlie has decided to step down from his commitments as Club Captain in 2024.

We sat down with Alex Ironside and asked him a few questions ahead of the 2024 season.

When did you join Northern Suburbs?

"I joined the Colts for pre-season in 2013/2014 whilst I was still at school but my first official season was in 2015"

When did you become Club Captain?

"I started club captain in 2023 with Jev who had done it for two seasons previously, so it was great to help him out in his third and final season"

What are you looking forward to in 2024?

"I think that in Grade we're quite an older group now. I know it'll be a lot of blokes final years, so I want to make sure they enjoy it as much as possible. This will hopefully show the younger guys what we're all about as a club."

"On a more personal note, I'd like 10 tries and a Premiership"

What are some of the upcoming events you have organised for the club?

"We have a full social calendar as a club which is always great. So far we have had the annual 'chase the chook' we have 8 teams 8 dinners coming up which is always a great event for the new guys to get to know their teams a little more. We have Ladies Day which is an important day as we get to celebrate the women in the club. My new favourite event is the 'Masters and Apprentices' where grade partner up with a colt for the night and show them the ropes."

Why did you join Norths and why is it important to have a good Club Captain?

"Norths has the best club culture in the Shute Shield hands down. No egos about what grade you play in. I think I was lucky that I had Club Captains like Tommy Evans and Declan Carroll to show me how it should be done. They are two of my great mates who did an incredible job of keeping the club together. I'm really honoured to be the Club Captain of Norths"

On behalf of everyone at Norths, we wish you all the best this season Alex, it's an important job you have and we know you'll be great at keeping what makes Norths so great alive.

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