Trial 2 v Eastwood

3 years ago

Rain wreaks havoc on Trial 2

The recent rainfall across Sydney late this week has forced the cancellation of lower grades (3rd and 4th Grade) and lower grade colts (2nd and 3rd Colts) matches against Eastwood this weekend.

The cancellation will mean a late start to the season for these teams having not made the journey to Canberra last week.

In the meantime, scheduled matches for 1st Grade (3:00 PM), 2nd Grade (1:25 PM) & 1st Colts (11:50 AM) will continue to go ahead as planned at TG Milner Oval.

All three teams who traveled to Canberra to play the Royals Club on Saturday, journeyed home buoyed by three positive results in their first matches of the 2021 campaign.

Trial 2 v Eastwood, Saturday, March 20th @ TG Millner Oval

3rd Colts - Washed Out
2nd Colts & 4th Grade - Washed Out

1st Colts - 11:50 am
2nd Grade - 1:25 pm
1st Grade - 3:00 pm

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